Encajes Green



Our production process has several systems to control and monitor; we get support with technological tools and management  systems allowing us to control and monitor them constantly. That´s why we´ve implemented an Integrated Management System (IMS) which adopts an approach based on controlling and monitoring processes through management indicators. Verifying the efficiency and effectiveness  for each one in order to comply with the strategic objectives set. The IMS Administration ensures internal policies and the continuous improvement; being constantly audited. According to this process approach, our production processes are defined as follows:



JD  EDWARDS  ORACLE: Our general ERP, which ensures the control for the entire production, logistics, inventory, human resources, administration and quality processes.

Inhouse Developed System:  For Knitting, Dyeing and Finishing processes monitoring and controlling in real time.  Allowing us obtain real statistics, diagrams and reports regarding the production processes.


We have implemented a PTARI Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant, which allows us to take advantage of this resource through a rejection system. The process is as follows:




Tanques Trata Agua


We have been able to treat 100% used water in the Dry-Cleaning process with 30% savings plus the advantage to reuse the water.


 Tratamiento de Agua

We are being monitored and controlled by Local Government Legislation, to ensure the permissible values on industrial discharges wastewater and particles emission; all supported through maintenance, control and research by means of certified companies.


We are working in the first module of ZDHC international program, complying with Manufacturing Restricted Substances List (MRSL).


The waste generated in our production processes is managed through the guidelines described in our Integrated Sludge Management System which was developed in order to comply with Local legislation and which points to prevent and regulate generation of ordinary, recyclable and hazardous waste; Allowing the improvement in relation to the management of all solid waste (sludges); Identifying, classifying, collecting and giving final disposal according to the guidelines described.


We have a cogeneration system which allows us to produce electricity from natural gas; this system has minimized the environmental impact since this fuel does not pollute in its extraction and transport. It´s the energy fuel the least amount of polluting gases; therefore it minimizes the particulate material emitted into the atmosphere.


On average we generate 30% of electrical energy through this technology. On short terms we´re setting a 90% Cogeneration Goal through empowerment on the process, allowing us to be productive, auto-sustainable and guarantee the operations continuity.


Encajes S.A. Colombia, has an Occupational health & safety management systems (OHS) under the current Local legal regulations (Act 1072 - 2015) in this way we guaranteeing suitable jobs and non-violation the workers' rights.

Encajes SA Colombia takes care on Physical, Mental and Social Well-being for the Human Resource, guaranteeing the Affiliation and Security Payments, Personal Protective Elements Supply, Annual Medical Exams, Training, Wellness activities.



At Encajes S.A. Colombia, We are committed to the customers´ satisfaction, respect for the sustainable ecosystem development offering a safe and reliable environment through compliance for legal and contractual requirements, attend opportune emergencies and promote an excellent relationship with business partners implicated in the supply chain together with the authorities´ support establishing controls on the priority risks in the Pollution´s prevention on the cargo, environment, accidents and occupational diseases. The implementation of these standards guarantees the continuous improvement, security and reliability of operations, maintaining preventive controls towards illicit activities. Excellent Service Quality well as an optimal level of profitability for the company.


In order to ensure consistency between the elements of strategic planning and the Integrated Management System, it was defined they were the same, thus allowing a more effective management measurement.

  • Generate an optimum level of profitability for the partners.
  • Increasethe satisfaction level for our customers, providing the best quality.
  • Develop products within a responsible environment.
  • Guarantee excellent relationships with our business associates.
  • Provide the opportune personnel, supplies and services.
  • Identify and prevent conditions and factors that affect or may affect the health and safety of personnel, to ensure an adequate work environment.
  • Protect the  confidentiality,  integrity,  availability  of  our  supply  chain  providing  the  legal operations guarantees.



Encajes S.A. Colombia is a manufacturing company dedicated to the design and production of textile products, which seeks to integrate its productivity with the environment; generating a synergy between sustainable development and environmental performance.

For this reason the policy of Encajes S.A. Colombia seeks to establish the organization's commitment to continuous improvement in its production processes; detecting, measuring, controlling and mitigating its negative impacts on the environment, thus seeking the efficient use of natural resources and promoting the care of the environment through the implementation of good environmental practices and compliance with current legislationFuthermore, Encajes S.A. Colombia establishes the following environmental principles and commitments as cross-cutting themes for the development of each of its processes. 

• Ensure the improvement in waste management giving value to recycling and reuse.

• Periodically socialize all stakeholders with waste management in order to promote traceability and environmental care

• Continually manage environmental improvements in the company's production processes

• Disseminate the environmental policy to all interested parties for compliance with it.

• Ensure the efficient use of natural resources, seeking to mitigate negative impacts.

• Raise awareness among all interested parties about the environmental aspects and the impacts that they can generate, integrating them and making them participate in the control of waste along with the care of resources in and outside the company. 


LBRANDS GAP AND PVH CERTIFICATION, which accredits us in the main standards applied to the performance of textile tests according to the requirements from Victoria Secrets, GAP and PVH clients.

OEKOTEX, We take a holistic approach to tackling the issue of hazardous chemicals in the global textile value chain and certify our system for raw, semi-finished, and finished textile products at all processing levels, as well as accessory materials used.