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We are a global company that
exports to more than 50 countries

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We export around of
50 countries on five continents.

Industrial Process



At Encajes S.A. Colombia we are committed to design innovation and excellence. We exhibit and participate at all of the most important trade shows in Europe, USA and Asia.
yarn preparation

Yarn Preparation

In our modern knitting factory, we have built an efficient, bright, and well organized environment for the yarn preparation (twisting, warping,and beaming) – utilizing our hard earned “best practices” and innovative equipment.


Our knitting plant has advanced electronically guided machinery; and we are committed to constant review and procurement of the latest advances in knitting technology.
dyeing and finishing

Dyeing and Finishing

We consider dyeing and finishing to be the highlight of our product development.
Utilizing our ultra modern computerized finishing plant, we are able to generate products of excellent quality and beauty.
laboratories and procedures

Quality Assurance Laboratories and procedures

Working closely with our customers, we excute their new colors in our laboratories and develop the surface characteristics they require.

Through rigorous systemization of the industrial process, we thereby guarantee compliance with the highest standards of our clients.



When separating the lace into bands, we are able to achieve very delicate results through the use of our unique scalloping machines and other propietary systems.

Our Quality Assurance Department monitors all phases of the process and closely inspects the finished product prior to its final packaging.

customer service

Customer Service

The finished sample is sent to our customers, potential clients, and sales agents, located throughout the world for commercial application and success.

Production of lace

We are a committed and reliable textile manufacturer and a leader in the global marketplace. We design and manufacture lace, persistently aspiring for complete satisfaction from our clients and optimum results for our investors.


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